What’s it all about eh. Life in general is a mystery. Well this site is about me.


Name: J
Birth place: Liskeard, Cornwall
Birth date: 11-12-1977 (take notes I expect presents)
Parents: 2
Siblings: None.


What else? Well ok as you asked so nicely
Schooling: Some.
Currently living: Bristol.
Job: Undecided.
Married: No but I have a long term partner.
Children: 1.
Status: Broke

If you would like a full life history please contact me and I will send you the full hard bound edition in 30 equal installments.


Why did you call your site World of Soil I hear you cry. Well its very simple, it is a tribute to a great comic duo Armstrong and Miller who did a sketch call “Welcome to my world of soil” at the time it was very funny.
Why the hell am I explaining myself to you, bog of and look round the rest of the site.